Oh Those Liberal Snowflakes April 17, 2017

Keeping (up with) the Republic

We had Charles Murray on campus a week ago with predictable results.  People marched, protested, tried to drown him out. I was opposed to his visit because I think Murray is an intellectual flake (different from a snowflake) and a racist and sexist to boot and I was concerned about the sponsorship of the speech. It was fuzzy at first and it seemed like a poor use of University funds to me and I wanted to be sure that students knew that we in political science were not involved (since Murray is a political scientist and a colleague of ours had sponsored him.)  Had we been involved, Murray would not have had an open platform to speak — he would have been on a panel with other social scientists prepared to critique his work.  And believe me, from a social science perspective, there is plenty to critique.

Of course, those…

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