The Perils of One-Party Governance April 19, 2017

Keeping (up with) the Republic

The reminder “be careful what you wish for” certainly applies to winning control of all the branches of power in a presidential system — it looks thrilling and promising on the surface but it is a trap for the unwary or unready.

Right now, the United States is essentially governed by a single party — Democrats retain a legislative filibuster (today, anyway) but otherwise the Republicans hold the reins. This is a moment they have been waiting for and now that they have it, history is watching.

So far, history is not impressed. The hazards of single party governance are more apparent by the day.

First of all, voters are going to hold you accountable and you have lost the incredibly valuable ability to credibly blame the other party if things go wrong.  You can try, of course, and your base will believe you, but most voters probably won’t.  It’s…

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