Happy (100) Days

Keeping (up with) the Republic

So the idea that a president must accomplish big things in his first 100 days is partly a reference to how much FDR got done and partly an awareness that if a president doesn’t act in a hurry, his popularity is likely to go down (it is usually highest when he is inaugurated) and then midterm considerations come along and Congress gets too chicken to vote on anything meaningful.

Really, it’s just not that big a deal, and many meaningful accomplishments take place outside of that 100 day window (Obamacare, for instance.)

Still, the media has a bee in its bonnet about it and that means Trump has a bee in his bonnet about it too.  As a media-driven president, he is busy trying to psych out his news coverage and that means this week is Yuge.

Here’s Jake Tapper on the subject – got to love his facial expressions…

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