Hi Honey!  ~~ July 3, 2017

Fearing yesterday would be a rerun of the day before (hot,hot,hot) I decided to stay on board while Jerry took a 7 hour tour of Olympia and had lunch on an olive farm. 

In the event, it was a much cooler day with lots of breeze but we probably each still made the right decision. He, who is glued to the Olympics when they are on TV, got a huge kick out of seeing their origins. And he brought me fresh pressed olive oil!!

I completely relaxed on the balcony, listened to the waves that kicked up in the breeze, and actually got some work done. Glory be! Just a little, but it was the kind of creative work I can’t always do on demand — I was ambushed by a good idea so I am glad I was available. 

Since I was in the suite working and reading and not particularly hungry, I decided to open the stash of Greek pastry we acquired in Nafplio. 

I love the honey-laden nutty pastries of this region — partly because I grew up with middle eastern food and the desserts are similar, and partly because, well, pastry. 

Almost everything was home made at the shop, whose name I cannot type on my keyboard. Not the slab of nougat with exotic fruits I bought because it was beautiful though — that came from Italia. 

But the Greek Baklava was crispy and full of walnuts and honey, the Kataifi was chewy and crunchy at the same time (and full of honey), and the third thing which I don’t have a name for was, you guessed it, also full of nuts and honey. 

I had a bite of each and my teeth were pleasurably stuck together, as were my fingers. 

The last thing I got, probably my favorite right now because I am avoiding nuts (have some more baklava, Barbour!) was the Portokalopita, a lovely orange cake drenched in syrup with a candied orange on top. 

I meant to save lots of everything for Jerry but by the time he got back, inexplicably, the orange cake had been reduced to a sliver. 


Today, weather permitting (it’s still windy out there) we go shopping with the chef — one of my favorite things to do. 

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