Syracusa, Sicily: The story of a lovely day told in pictures ~~ July 6, 2017

Sometimes everything conspires to make a cruise stop perfect. We found that in Syracusa, a port city that used to rival Athens in importance. It is beautiful, really beautiful, its old town projecting into the blue sea so that there are views everywhere you look. Trees in bloom with colorful flowers. Perfect air, not too hot. A fabulous place for lunch. A fascinating cathedral afterwards, and a leisurely stroll to an open boat ride to the ship. 

It was a picture perfect day. I’ll let the pictures tell the story. 

Panoramic view of old town, Syracusa, as we get ready to anchor. Taken from our balcony.
Taking an open boat (not the tender!) into town
Getting closer
First thing we saw — Greek ruins. This city is layer upon layer of peoples long gone.
Brilliant color in a local shop.
Cool darkness leading to a sunny courtyard
View back toward the grand port
Looking back on the Encore at anchor
Tourist bustle in the narrow lanes
Our lunch destination — il Tempio di Athena
The menu. Choices, choices!
Happy to be here, sitting in the shade
Bruschetta. A little something to start
Raising the antipasti bar — all my favorite things
Seafood potato salad — Jerry’s first course
Pizza Diavolo — Jerry’s
Vegetariano — guess whose?
Trying to be prudent (could have eaten the whole thing)
A little lemon sorbetto to finish
Happy, happy guy
Steps from the restaurant, the other side of the town
Rocky beach, crystal waters
Another lovely street scene
Lucky find — artisanal jewelry shop with the artisan working at his bench inside
Jewelry maker at work
More street scenes
Cathedral with columns from the Greek temple to Athena, Byzantine and medieval additions
Greek columns
Home of fabulous gelato and Sicilian almond cookies
Incredible almond and pistachio cookies
Self explanatory. Just sitting there in the middle of town. Doesn’t everyone have Greek ruins?

If I ever run a B&B, this is what I am calling it
Heading home to the ship
No dinner for me. Who knew almond cookies would make me sick?
Champagne and caviar for Jer
Sunsets behind a smoking Mount Etna
Pretty content on the second to last night of the cruise
A pilot boards to navigate us through the Straits of Messina. He just stepped off the pilot boat on to ours while both were moving. Suddenly teaching Trump to freshmen looks like a pretty good job
“Land of fires” in southern Italy

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