Hello, Sydney December 9, 2019

Too busy catching up with myself to have much to share these first few days away. Boy have I been out of touch with me.

The Sydney Opera House is gorgeous in all its moods and I must have taken 50 shots.

I’ve seen a million opals, fallen in love with half of them and am serious considering a live-in relationship with one. Or two. But who knows what awaits.

Friends Tom and Gale arrived and tomorrow we fly to Cairns and drive to Port Douglas to stay in a house we rented. Trying to pack a bag for the Great Barrier Reef and the Outback and leave everything for Sydney and the cruise here.

Tonight was warm and breezy and we strolled around the harbor to Aria, a lovely, quiet place within spitting distance of the Opera House.

Dinner was delightful. While the other three had a sashimi amuse bouche, I had peppers perched like tiny Santa hats sitting on creme fraiche on a potato chip. Ho ho ho.

Then smoked buffalo mozzarella with maple syrup and pears and rye croutons and so help me God it was outstanding. Jerry had kangaroo tatrtare which he said was good, but it didn’t exactly jump off the plate. (Sorry.)

For main courses, Gayle had John Dory, Tom had lamb, Jerry had a steak and I had ALL the sides. Roasted carrots, broccolini with lemon and almonds, potato purée and butter lettuce salad. Deeply satisfying to my veg heart.

Dessert? Compressed watermelon and strawberries with fennel sorbet. It may have been prettier than it was delicious, but it was damn pretty.

Then walking home, stopping to take a new amazing shot of the Opera House with every step. I may be up to 100.

Early flight to Cairns tomorrow. Better get out of the tub and pack. Bubbles everywhere, as they should be.

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